What is this website?

NetAnatomy is designed to teach human anatomy to students of the health professions, including undergraduate medical and health sciences students. NetAnatomy also serves as a place to review anatomy after one’s initial exposure to the subject, e.g. students beginning a clinical rotation, USMLE (National Board) preparation, etc. Its use in the early years of various residency programs has also been established.

An appreciation for the anatomy of the human body is essential for all health care professionals. However human anatomy encompasses an enormous amount of information, much more than a medical or health sciences student could fully master or, indeed, needs to master. Increased depths of anatomical knowledge are acquired by physicians and other health professionals when a clinical specialty is chosen, which further refines the anatomical knowledge base to be mastered. For “undifferentiated” students a certain baseline of clinically relevant anatomical knowledge needs to be mastered early in their education. The authors and contributors of NetAnatomy have extensive experience teaching human anatomy to medical and health sciences students, years of experience refined and adapted to contemporary medical and health sciences curricula.

As new images and text that address the mission of NetAnatomy are acquired and developed they will be added to NetAnatomy over time and as such we view NetAnatomy as a continuously evolving website. Current development efforts are focused on creating Gross Anatomy content that is organized by biological systems, e.g. Digestive System, Musculoskeletal System, in addition to the current regional organization. We hope you find NetAnatomy of value and the authors welcome your comments at .